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“Eco-friendly detergent for human and nature“ We promise the true cleanness.

Thank you for visiting the website of B&D LIFE HEALTH CO., LTD B&D LIFE HEALTH CO., LTD seeking harmony between human and nature is continuously researching and putting in efforts to provide healthy life style to consumers. In the domestic detergent market that functionality was the most important factor when consumers choose detergent, B&D LIFE HEALTH CO., LTD has been bringing a revolutionary change to detergent market by introducing health and environment as consumer’s new selection criteria. Multipurpose powder detergent ‘DETERGENT REVOLUTION(SEJEHYUKMYUNG)’ reflecting the company's desire for revolutionary changes of detergent market has been loved by customers as representative product of the eco-friendly detergent. Besides, company has been taking the lead in protecting the health and the environment by using only nature-friendly raw materials for all products such as Liquid laundry detergent ‘GIEL’, home dry detergent ‘IZENDRY’ and baby detergent ‘SHOOMOM’, and all the products of the company are recognized for their excellence by obtaining LOHAS certification from Korean Standards Association(KSA). As a leading eco-friendly household goods company, we will continue to put its best efforts in providing the best products protecting the health and the environment through honesty and trust.
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